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Neural Network Dysfunctions in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunctions in Neurodevelopmental Disorders


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Current funding:

R01 AG75000: 2022-2027

Losing specificity: the role of the locus coeruleus in age-related distractibility

R01 MH117429: 2019-2024

Genes, Neural Circuits, and Behavior

Completed funding:

R56 MH117429: 2018-2019

NARSAD Young Investigator Grant (Brain & Behavior Research Foundation): 2017-2019


Dr. Henry Yin, Duke University
Dr. Changwon Park, LSU
Dr. Yong-Hui Jiang, Yale University
Dr. Tae-Ho Lee, Virginia Tech
Dr. William Wetsel, Duke University
Dr. Soo Chan Lee, UTSA
Dr. Detlef Heck, UTHSC
Dr. Jianyang Du, UTHSC
Dr. Hyun Kim, Korea University
Dr. Jiyeon Kim, Yale University


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